Meet the Writer

My name is Chelsea Franklin and I’ve been writing for as long as I could read. Since I published my first book at age six (Kitty’s First Date, bound in wallpaper and masking tape), I have loved to put pen to paper, and later fingers to keyboard, to express myself creatively. I went on to serve as Editor of my high school newspaper and studied English in college. It was my dream to spend all day writing, and with it, I’ve found my bliss.

I’m passionate about optimizing websites and other business correspondence to create a cohesive look, feel, and voice for organizations around the world. I specialize in website reviews, company and personal bios, blog posts, and internal/external company communications.

I’ve always been the friend who proofreads term papers, format wedding programs, and editĀ resumes. I get so much joy out of taking a frustrating project off of someone’s hands and completing it for them. My years of practice give me an edge inĀ correspondence, event documents, resumes, academic editing, and almost any personal project you can dream up.

Curious about how I can help your business, event, or dilemma? Shoot me a quick message and I am happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with a custom quote.